15 January 2009

Beau's Bandage

This is Beau, doing his best to look pretty pathetic. He's had enough of the new girls hogging this blog and decided it was his turn.

In fact, this operation had been planned a while ago. When Beau first came here from the refuge nearly three years ago he had a four and a half hour operation to remove both eardrums - his ears, neck area, down to the saliva glands, were full of infection. Indeed he still has a staph infection within himself. For two years following that operation he still kept getting abscesses on each side, just below the ear area. Then about 9 months ago one side (fingers crossed) finally healed up and since then no more abscesses but on the other side, he's had what the vet calls an 'open abscess' for months. The vet offered to operate again - free of charge, which is much appreciated - to see if it could be cleaned out and so solve the problem. Antibiotics by the way did zilch. I should think Beau has kept one of the pharmaceutical companies who manufacture antibiotics in business these last two years or so.

So a couple of days ago he was operated on but really there wasn't much the vet could do. Apparently he has loads of lumps and bumps - scar tissue - (he'd already been badly operated before the ear drums were removed) and this scar tissue is muddled up with nerves that operate the eyes, the throat etc. The vet said that unless we do an MRI scan and then micro-surgery it can't be done. It's too delicate and dangerous. So he's all bandaged up and really that's that. As the vet said, at his age - we don't know Beau's age but think he's over 10 - we'd not put him through a fourth operation. So hopefully, the clean-out might have helped a little, if not, we are back to cleaning the area every day as it oozes pus and sometimes, if we are lucky, just clear liquid. Beau accepts all this and even wags his tail when I bring the bowl of water to clean the area - he's that used to it now.

Note, in the photo below, Beau sitting on my coffee table. This cushion was put there for small dogs, not big ones! Note also how scratched the wood is. I suppose you could say it's dog antiquing. So, not only do I not have a proper sofa (you see the wrought iron daybed in the background) but I don't have a coffee table and I also don't have a comfortable chair. Beau takes that when he's not on the cushion and the new girls take the sofa along with various dogs who stay here en pension.

Update on the girls: Today Mistral goes to be spayed. Hopefully the vet will not find anything amiss and I'll report on this blog tomorrow. Mia, meanwhile, is eating like the proverbial horse but not putting on any weight that I can notice. Her skin is marginally better but she has a long way to go yet. In herself though, she is a much happier and more relaxed dog, unless a man appears and then she is terrified. Thank you so much to everyone for your comments and support. It means so much.


Julie said...

Good story, Jilly. Not good - interesting. Sometimes you just have to accept your lot, be you man or mutt.

Taa ...

Virginia said...

Well we need to get Jilly a little doghouse in the garden to call her own!HA My Golden Retriever had yucky ears and hematomas from shaking his head. Amazing what you can do for your dogs! Glad the girls are making some progress. Hugs to all including sad sack Beau.

maria said...

Best wishes for a speedy recovery for Beaubama!

I have a special place in my heart for rescue dogs....

Glad to hear the girls are making progress. :)

P.S. How do you do it, Jilly? The pension, the girls' care, the many blogs, etc., etc.....wow!

lady jicky said...

A special hug to Beau - what I find so endearing is that he takes all the poking and meds so well. I pray they can find something to stop his infections.
Big positive cuddles to Mia and Mistral. I hope they find NOTHING when Ms Mistral is desexed Jilly!
I think that table has what they say in the trade - patina! LOL

USelaine said...

Even though it's a chore for both of you, Beau must get some comfort from your cleanings, and looks forward to the intimacy of your personal care. You are a pair of real troopers.

Anonymous said...

Beau is a beautiful dog. Thank you for caring for him so well! He does a fine job of looking pathetic! :)

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